Danielle ✴︎ Booth

Wordographer ༜ Photosmith ⟢
      Professional Student
          Amateur Human

On Becoming
a Social Worker


I have been many things: a writer, a teacher, a journalist, a purveyor of books and music and movies, an artist, a patient, a daughter and lover and friend. I’m currently a student, pursuing a Master of Social Work degree.

I love reference books and cephalopods. I use fountain pens and typewriters and actual, physical paper. Difference excites me. Existence humbles me. Ideas invigorate me.

Ideas unvoiced are like dark matter—just because one does not see them doesn’t mean they are not there. I hope, here, to render some of my thoughts into the articulate, to bring the dark into the light… aletheia, as the Ancient Greeks used to say.

This is my attempt to express, define, and reach-toward. To whom? To the within-myself. To the not-myself.

To you.